Our domain: RES

We comprehensively and effectively implement projects in the field of renewable energy sources (RES).

We focus on modern, controllable, and, above all, environmentally friendly energy sources.

Our business is a part of the energy transformation processes that aim to protect the environment by moving away from traditional coal industry.


Our sector of activity: wind energy

The ever-growing demand for energy and an increase in its prices, as well as European Union climate regulations have led to a revival of the renewable energy market. Regulations introduced in Polish renewable energy legislation in 2018 have allowed for more efficient use of renewable energy sources, restoring the possibility of wind projects with a valid building permit.

Taking into account the potential of renewable energy sources in our activities, we focus on project implementation and consolidation of generating entities in the field of wind energy, which due to favourable climate conditions is one of the most dynamically developing sectors in Poland under renewable energy.

We also provide services in the field of trade and distribution of electricity generated from wind. To this end, we have completed a number of transactions that have enabled us to secure an attractive portfolio of renewable energy projects, as well as the inclusion in the capital group of a company licenses to trade in electricity. With the generation sources and trading company dealing in the sale of energy to end customers, we control a complex logistics process from producer to supplier, covering the production, transmission and distribution of electricity.

We have a portfolio of wind farm projects in Poland with a production capacity of 110,000 MW per year, which according to new legal regulations have the “ready for implementation” status.

We are in the process of acquiring further projects to ultimately build a portfolio of projects with a target potential exceeding 500 MW of installed production capacity and become a significant player on the renewable energy market in Poland.

Our assets are based on the high predictability of their profitability, which results from the productivity of generation capacity, repeatability of implemented construction processes and the passive nature of energy production.

We engage competent people and specialised entities that hold key competences and effectively support us with expert knowledge and technical experience in the field of energy.

Benefits of our projects

  • Steadily increasing share of renewable energy in the market, with wind energy as the leading one in the Polish renewable energy sector,
  • An attractive portfolio of high productivity wind energy projects (status: ready for implementation), as well as an entity licenses to trade in electricity,
  • Optimal location of wind farms enabling cooperation with large energy consumers,
  • Prospects for dynamic development:
    • ofurther intensification of projects related to renewable energy (wind farms and PV technologies) in order to build a portfolio exceeding 500 MW of RES installations capacity
    • oparticipation in the project of an innovative energy cluster located in the Lower Silesian Voivodship
    • ocooperation with institutional end users (focusing on the diversification of sources of electricity supply) in the scope of sales and distribution of electricity obtained from our wind farms
    • expansion of the innovative virtual power plant project using innovative solutions based on blockchain technology



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