ENEKO 1 – The Wind Energy Project

The wind power plant is located in the central part of Poland in the Masovian Voivodeship. The right to dispose of the land for the purposes of constructing the power plant has been obtained on the basis of a long-term lease contract. The investment area is characterised by good wind conditions and an extensive infrastructure network.

The wind power plant consists of one 3.4 MW turbine.

The project has the “ready for construction” status and has key permits conditioning the implementation of the project.

Decision on building conditions has been obtained.

A valid decision on environmental conditions has been obtained.

A long-term wind measurement campaign was carried out.

Wind farm connection conditions were requested.

Wind turbine productivity analysis has been carried out.

The location of the project allows direct cooperation with several strategic partners who can become recipients of electricity produced by a wind park on the basis of long-term energy sales contracts.



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