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FIGENE Energia

FIGENE Energia specialises in the construction and management of network infrastructure and distribution of electricity. With the modern approach to energy, the Company provides highest quality services focused on the needs and expectations of business clients.

FIGENE Energia directs its energy distribution offer in particular to the owners of existing distribution networks supplying electricity to groups of commercial entities in commercial facilities (shopping centres, office buildings), but also in industrial facilities (arising after the restructuring of bankrupt or reprivatised plants).

The Company is interested in taking over the existing power infrastructure in commercial and service facilities, office buildings, multi-family buildings, and facilities located in industrial areas.

  • Repurchase: a one-off payment based on infrastructure valuation

  • Lease: a flat-rate, periodic remuneration for the lease of infrastructure

After the acquisition, the Company carries out all necessary modernisations and adjustments of the existing network to the operating conditions of the distribution network operator. When the acquisition process is complete, FIGENE Energia provides comprehensive services in the field of distribution and trading in electricity in the acquired area, thus taking over the obligation from the existing owner of the network. FIGENE Energia is a direct commercial player for all clients within the connected network. Each client receives a separate invoice for each energy consumption point. The Company will guarantee all those connected to its network a free access to the energy market and the choice of any energy seller in accordance with the TPA principle.

Energy distribution

FIGENE Energia offers conclusion of energy sales and distribution agreements with all energy consumers on the premises, support for transformer stations (covering all measurement, operational, and maintenance aspects in the field of medium voltage switchboards, transformers, low voltage switchboards, and metering and reading systems), operation of network infrastructure, round-the-clock dispatching of energy emergency services, monthly reading of electricity meters, and invoicing and billing of recipients.

The benefits of cooperation with FIGENE Energia include, above all, one-off or periodic remuneration for the sale or rental of infrastructure, transfer of all activities, obligations, and risks related to the distribution and trade in electricity, no costs of highly qualified personnel, no costs of servicing and repairs of power equipment related to transformer and distribution station, no costs of periodic verification of measuring and billing systems, and no commercial risk related to the supply of electricity.

Construction of power infrastructure

In the case of new investments, FIGENE Energia is also interested in participating in the construction of the power infrastructure and connecting the facility to the network. The main area of the Company's activity in this area is the construction and management of power infrastructure in commercial, office, and industrial zones. In this segment, the Company joins the project implementation process already at the planning stage to independently carry out and finance the construction of the necessary power infrastructure or let the general contractor of the facility perform the connection and construction of infrastructure and to repurchase the power infrastructure after its commission. The repurchase amount will be the result of the valuation of the electricity infrastructure and the expenses incurred for its construction. Both models are adapted to the current stage of the project and the progress of work. In this regard, FIGENE Energia addresses its offer to investors and developers (shopping centres, office buildings, multi-family housing) and to managers of economic activity zones.


FIGENE Energia offers a project audit in terms of optimisation of the facility investor's costs, design and construction of a transformer distribution station, implementation of connection to the MV/LV power grid, launch of electricity supply, conclusion of energy sales and distribution contracts with all energy consumers on site, station service transformer (covering all aspects of measurement, operation, and maintenance in the field of medium voltage switchboards, transformers, low voltage switchboards, and metering and readings system), provision of round-the-clock energy emergency service, acquisition of measurement data necessary for settlements with all clients as well as settlement and invoicing of individual Recipients.

The benefits of cooperation with FIGENE Energia in this regard include a reduction of investment outlays, comprehensive relief of the investor from problems related to the construction of the power infrastructure, short deadlines, transfer of all activities, obligations and risks related to the distribution and trading of electricity to FIGENE Energia, no costs of service and repairs of power equipment related to the transformer distribution station, no costs of periodic verification of metering and accounting systems, and no commercial risk related to the supply of electricity.

The Company also offers options for electricity recipients who would like to consciously manage electricity management in their own facilities and tailor the actual demand for electricity to purchasing options to maximise the cost of purchasing this medium, as well as power management optimisation services. FIGENE Energia conducts complete audits of electricity management in order to make the best selection of solutions regarding the purchase of both electricity and distribution services.



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